Summer is quickly coming to an end. As the years go by, summer gets faster and faster. It seems to be traveling at the speed of light. For those in the classroom, it is time to start getting ready and prepare for the first day of school. Maybe some of you have been working in… Continue reading #speaklife


Last Thursday and Friday I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a training session called Picademy. For those who have not heard of Picademy, it is the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s free face-to-face training program that aims to support educators throughout their digital making and computing journey. If you have not heard of a Raspberry Pi… Continue reading #Picademy

Find your passion

I am super excited to have the opportunity to be a part of Picademy this July. I have wanted to attend for years and it finally is close enough and the logistics worked out to make it a possibility. But that isn’t what this post is about. Well not exactly. Recently those facilitating the Picademy… Continue reading Find your passion

I am TIRED and it is WORTH it!

As we finish up yet another school year I want to applaud all of you teachers for using your super power to help children young and old find their passion and potential. Your super power is stopping bullying, waiting to go to the bathroom for hours, disciplining, loving every child, being compassionate, feeding the hungry,… Continue reading I am TIRED and it is WORTH it!

Physical computing

Last month I completed a four week online course called Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python. What a fantastic course. If you are looking for a way to do more making in your classroom, I highly recommend this course. Some highlights were: – learning to program in Python – learning to connect and program LEDs… Continue reading Physical computing

Changing the future

As I reflect on a day spent reviewing and evaluating Educator Initiative Grants funded by the GAR Foundation, I realized that I wasn’t just reading, reviewing and evaluating grant proposals submitted by teachers and schools across the county, I was helping to decide how children are going to be impacted not just next year but… Continue reading Changing the future

Making America Great Again!

This past Friday we inaugurated a new President. Whether you are happy or not with who the President of the United States is doesn’t matter. This isn’t a political post. What this post is about is how to REALLY make America Great Again! As many Americans, I have thought a great deal about the slogans… Continue reading Making America Great Again!

FLL District Tournament

Our FLL Animal Allies season is over. We gave it our best shot, but came up short at the University of Akron FLL District Tournament. I am so proud of the team. We managed to score our highest score in the Robot Games. It was our highest possible score with what we programmed our robot… Continue reading FLL District Tournament

FLL Regional Tournament

This past weekend my team, the RoboTigers, competed at the NEOFRA Warren Delphi First Lego League Regional Tournament. I must first say that the team of people who run this particular event hit a homerun! The event was incredible. Everyone was very professional and well prepared. With that said, if you are thinking about starting… Continue reading FLL Regional Tournament