My district has been working with the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC). As part of this professional development, we have learned strategies to incorporate ELA standards into each of our subject matter. This is essential as we all work toward meeting the Common Core standards for ELA. To help with the LDC, there is a fascinating… Continue reading Newsela

Magic mouse

If you own a laptop of any kind you have at least considered buying a mouse. I have a cheap wireless mouse for my Windows laptop. Like most wireless mice, this mouse has a USB receiver that plugs into the laptop. It works fairly well for $15. Besides that laptop I also have a MacBook… Continue reading Magic mouse

Livescribe Smart Pens

If you do any classroom demonstrations using an overhead or document camera, the Livescribe Smartpen is a valuable tool in you classroom. I especially found the smartpen useful in my math classroom. Basically whatever you write with the pen (on a special paper) is recorded. Both your voice and what is recorded so you have… Continue reading Livescribe Smart Pens

Geoboard App

If you teach math, you have probably used geoboards. If your geoboards are like mine, the rubber bands have gotten old and brittle. Students seem to go through three or four in a lesson. Older students tend to shoot the rubber bands at each other. Geoboards are a great for teaching geometry. I recently taught… Continue reading Geoboard App