This is a recycled post from July 30, 2017. I as the new Picademy dates have been posted, I think you need to read what this training meant to me and what it can do for you and your students. Last Thursday and Friday I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a training session… Continue reading #picademy


Has your state adopted learning standards in computer science? Have you checked? In Ohio we adopted computer science learning standards in 2018. After studying our standards, I think a great place to start in the K-6 content or self contained classroom is algorithms. Starting in kindergarten and first grade, the Ohio standard for algorithms states:… Continue reading Algorithms

Makey Makey

I decided to recycle a post from early 2016. Scratch has changed, but the experience is the same. If you are looking for a fun activity with an elementary aged child, try this… I recently got the Makey Makey out of the drawer to teach my 8 year old how to program using Scratch. She… Continue reading Makey Makey

Start with Scratch

When starting off integrating computer science into your classroom you have lots of choices. I don’t think there is any better place to start than Scratch. I like Scratch because it allows students to be creative. Because you can do so many things with Scratch, students can grow and grow and grow. Unlike many other… Continue reading Start with Scratch

It’s time to take the first step

Many times in life we don’t start something because the problem is too big and fear of failure keeps us from trying. The same goes for integrating computer science into the classroom. Lots of teachers don’t know where to start. Many don’t feel confident and comfortable with coding, especially elementary teachers. I’m here to tell… Continue reading It’s time to take the first step