Facing a different direction in Scratch

When using Scratch, one of the first large projects I assign students is to tell a story. Sometimes I’ll ask them to retell a chapter from the novel they are reading in ELA and other times I’ll let them tell their own story or recreate a fairy tale. Either way I find the same issue comes up time and time again.

This issue is that all sprites in Scratch start of facing right. Many times we want sprites to face each other when they are talking to each other. I find that students often want to go in and modify the sprite costume. The problem with that is the Scratch still things the sprite is facing right, so if you use the move block the sprite will move right when you want it to move left. Below is a better way to get your sprites turned around and actually move the direction it is facing.

You want to use the point in direction block. Change the 90 (facing right) to -90 (facing left). You will notice when you try this that your sprite turns up side down. To correct this issue use the set rotation style block. Leave the block set to left-right.

Try it out. Now your sprite turns to the left and will move that direction if a move block is added.