Start with Scratch

When starting off integrating computer science into your classroom you have lots of choices. I don’t think there is any better place to start than Scratch.

I like Scratch because it allows students to be creative. Because you can do so many things with Scratch, students can grow and grow and grow. Unlike many other entry level coding apps and programs, Scratch can be used at a very young age, but also can be used in the high school setting. Actually, Scratch is an approved program to be utilized in the AP Computer Science Principles course. I also suggest Scratch because it works great on a Chromebook, which many schools are using due to the low cost of the device.

I have personally used Scratch with 7 year olds and they did a fantastic job animating and telling cute stories. I use Scratch with my seventh graders. I ask them to be way more elaborate in their stories. I also teach students to create video games in Scratch.

No matter what subject or grade you teach, Scratch is a great tool. If you would like some professional development on Scratch, I am offering a mini course through Kent State University starting on February 10. It is a two week course and earns one CEU. The cost is $50. If your interested, either contact me or keep checking Twitter. I’ll post on Twitter as soon as the registration is open.