It’s time to take the first step

Many times in life we don’t start something because the problem is too big and fear of failure keeps us from trying. The same goes for integrating computer science into the classroom.

Lots of teachers don’t know where to start. Many don’t feel confident and comfortable with coding, especially elementary teachers.

I’m here to tell you to start with the first step. Don’t worry about getting to the top. Just focus on the first step. That’s what I did.

For the beginner, no matter what grade you teach, I would suggest you start with Scratch. Scratch is a block based programming application that is free and works on EVERYTHING! Scratch 3.0 works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and tablets. (It also works on smart phones, but the screen is a bit small.) You can do so much with Scratch. That makes it easy to integrate into the classroom.

Do you need some integration ideas? Hit me up!

So, take that first step!