About The One Byte

The One Byte is a blog, podcast and resource site created by One Byte at a Time Educational Technology Services. We are a 501(c)(3) public charity in Canton, Ohio. It was founded in early 2019 by our Executive Director, Robert Lane.

At One Byte at a Time we believe that children are the world’s most precious resource. The next generation needs to be prepared for a career that may not even exist today. To best prepare children for a job not yet created, we must help them learn to be creative, learn to problem solve and find a passion that drives them. We believe that all of us have a purpose in life. We want to help children find their passion and purpose while being excited and creative as they learn about  technology.

To help teachers, club leaders, parents and other adults prepare children for this unknown future, we have will work to provide a variety of resources to encourage and provide the skills needed to lead children.